Can I Get Paid to Participate in a Clinical Trial?

Get paid cash compensation for a research study.

Times can be tough, and every dollar counts. It is never a bad idea to find ways to supplement your income, discovering new ways to make money to improve your quality of life. One possible unturned stone is a clinical research study, which often offers compensation to those who participate in a clinical trial.

Will I Be Paid For Taking Part in a Clinical Trial?

Whether or not you get paid for participating in a clinical trial is up to the research institute. However, must studies will offer cash compensation for participating, especially if the clinical trial requires travel and frequent participation. Make sure to check if the clinical research institute offers cash compensation before enrolling in the study.

What Will I Receive Cash Compensation For?

Most clinical trials do not pay you directly for simply signing up for the study. Instead, a clinical research institute will offer cash compensation for inconveniences and appearances. Here are some of the situations in which you will be offered cash compensation for participating in a clinical research trial.

Compensation for Travel

Depending on your proximity to the research center, you will be compensated for your travel. This includes compensation for gas and time spent traveling.

Compensation for Time

Some studies can take some time to complete. This can mean you coming into the clinical research center regularly for weeks or even months. Most clinical research centers will aim to compensate participants for their time.

Compensation for Risk

Some clinical trials will ask patients to try drugs, procedures, or treatments that may have adverse side effects. To compensate for the possibility of complications, many clinical research institutes will offer payment for the risk you are taking as a participant.

How Much Do Clinical Trials Pay?

Exactly how much money you will receive for participating in a study depends on the type of study you enroll in. Some studies offer a small amount of cash compensation, while others can pay thousands of dollars, depending on the stress and strain the study puts upon its participants. If you are curious how much cash compensation you will receive, make sure to ask the study coordinator before you commit to participating in the clinical trial.

Does the Pearson Center Offer Cash Compensation for Participation?

The Pearson Center for Alcoholism and Addiction Research in San Diego offers alcohol clinical research trials for those who regularly drink alcohol. If you qualify for a study and choose to participate, you will get cash compensation for completing the study. For more information on compensation for participating in a clinical trial at The Pearson Center, give us a call at (858) 784-7867.