Can Alcoholism be Cured?

Can you cure alcoholism?

Alcoholism can completely take over a life. A crippling addiction to alcohol can turn a life upside down, upending everything that was once held dear in the pursuit of alcohol. Numerous different treatments for alcohol addiction exist, all of which promise a way to find sobriety. But can alcoholism ever really be cured?

What Would it Mean to Be Cured of Alcoholism?

Being sober and “cured” of alcoholism are two separate entities. Sobriety simply means that an individual no longer drinks alcohol, but it says nothing of the cravings and the need to drink. Just because somebody no longer consumes alcohol does not mean that they are no longer an alcoholic. Curing alcoholism would mean that the individual is fully released from the snares of alcoholism, allowed to enjoy life without the constant urge to have a drink.

Is There a Cure for Alcoholism?

Whether or not you feel that there is a cure for alcoholism depends on how you view alcoholism. There are two differing views of alcoholism, with some viewing alcoholism as a choice and others as a disease.

Alcoholism is a choice

This controversial stance posits that alcoholism is not hereditary or a disease, and therefore a cure is as simple as wanting it bad enough. If alcoholism is a choice, then the cure is choosing not to drink anymore. This view is problematic for a variety of reasons, but mostly it diminishes the addictive nature of alcohol and how difficult it is to quit.

Alcoholism is a disease

For those who view alcoholism as a disease, currently no cure exists. Once someone is identified as an alcoholic, they will have to battle with a near constant need to drink, and will always be at risk for a relapse. While living a sober and happy life is possible, there will likely never be a point where they are completely free from the grips of alcohol.

The Search for a Cure

Scientists are still very far away from finding a suitable cure for alcoholism, but the search continues. Various treatment methods are constantly being tried and tested, with the hopes that a new pharmaceutical or research breakthrough can be the missing piece to helping millions of people around the world find peace and sobriety. Perhaps one day, curing alcoholism will be as simple as a using a vaccine similar to the one used for polio, but until that day those who struggle with alcohol abuse need to find alternative forms of treatment.

Help Us Cure Alcoholism with an Alcohol Research Trial

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